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Somebody's worried . . . Epilogue: OCWEN'S Desperate Attempt to Fix Their Mistake

So, if you've been following this space, you'll recall that we beat OCWEN in a foreclosure trial two weeks ago. The court found that the alleged breach letter OCWEN moved into evidence was woefully deficient. The purpose of the breach letter primarily is to give the borrower notice of the alleged default and an opportunity to cure. This letter made the latter impossible, in that it did not indicate who sent the letter, specify the alleged default, or give instructions on where to send payment. It was, in short, garbage. 

The bank did not like the court's ruling. But, since banks are the least accountable entitites on the planet, they fired their lawyers--Brock and Scott--and brought in ShinyCuffLinksCo (Greenberg Traurig, who have offices literally everywhere) to try to bully us here at the intrepid yet small Law Office of Johnny J. Bardine. 

It won't work.

Yesterday they filed a Motion for Rehearing, written by lawyers who weren't at the trial and have not read the transcript. It essentially asks the same judge who ruled in our favor based on the facially ridiculous breach letter to change her mind. 

Tomorrow I will ask the judge to deny it. I suspect she will. But I also suspect this will not be the end of the fight. The bank will appeal the ruling and we'll go to Lakeland to fight and win this batte once and for all.

The Motion for Rehearing is attached to this post. We'll be sure to keep you posted.